The following lines are needed in the EPICS startup script for the LabJack driver.

## Configure port driver
# LabJackConfig(portName,        # The name to give to this asyn port driver
#               uniqueID,        # The IP name, IP address, or serial number of the LabJack module.
#               maxInputPoints,  # Maximum number of input points for waveform digitizer
#               maxOutputPoints) # Maximum number of output points for waveform generator
LabJackConfig("LJT7_1", ", 2048, 2048)

The uniqueID is a string that identifies the device to be controlled. It can be any of the following:

  • A fully qualified domain name with periods, e.g. The periods are needed to distinguish an IP name from a serial number.
  • An IP address, e.g.
  • A module serial number, e.g. 470029169.

The LabJack module comes with example iocBoot/ directories that contain example startup scripts and example substitutions files for each model.